Welcome to Medicall theme’s documentation page!

This documentation talks about how you can install the theme on your WordPress site, how to customize the theme to suit your needs and a couple of other things that you’ll need to know to get going.

Recommended Server Requirements

Although having WordPress installed on your server is enough to install the theme, we recommend that your server meets the following versions:

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  • WordPress version 6.2 or greater

Installing The Theme

Installing the theme is quite straightforward.

Download and save the ZIP file containing all the theme files. We’ll be using it later on.

Step 1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and head over to Appearance > Themes.

Step 2. Inside Themes, click on Add New.

Step 3. Click on Upload Theme located near the top right.

Step 4. It will then ask you to choose the ZIP file for the theme. Navigate to and select the ZIP file for the Medicall theme that you downloaded earlier. Once done, click on Install Now.

Step 5. Click on the Activate button after the theme installation finishes.

That’s pretty much it! Reload your website to see the gorgeous theme in action!

Installing Recommended Plugins

Medicall Theme requires some essential plugins to be installed for some components to work: Mailpoet for email and Contact Form 7 for contact forms for managing your medical services.

To install the plugins, follow the following steps:

Step 1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Head over to Plugins

Step 2. On the top it displays a notice, asking you to install the recommended plugins. Click on Begin Installing Plugins.

Step 3. Select all the plugins and choose Install from the dropdown menu. Hit Apply.

Step 4: Head over to the Installed Plugins page once again. Select all the plugins, choose ‘Activate’ in the dropdown, and click on Apply as shown below.

That’s it. The plugins are now installed, activated, and ready to use. You’re all set!

Images need to be uploaded here as I could not find the plugin section in the WordPress dashboard.

Configuring The Theme

After successfully setting up WordPress and downloading and activating the theme, it’s time to configure the entire theme as per your requirements. Medicall Theme is designed and developed to provide as many customization and configuration options as possible so that the users can get exactly the type of websites that they want. 

Just like all the other themes developed by GL Themes, the Medicall theme also comes with easy configuration options and a handy customization environment. This makes sure that even a person with little to no knowledge of a website develops a website with the help of these themes.

Let’s take a look at all the possible customization flexibility and feasibility that the Medicall Theme offers to the users:

Site Identity Options

While inside the customizer, navigate to Site Identity to edit settings such as Header title and tagline, add a (optional) logo, and add a site icon (optional).

Inside Site Identity, you can add a logo via the Select Logo option, change your site’s title in the Site Title option, change the tagline in the Tagline option, and add a site icon in the Select Site Icon option.

The preview will be visible along with the changes made.

Change Basic Appearance Settings

You can change the basic appearance of your website through the Appearance Settings option inside the customizer as shown below.

While inside the Appearance Settings option, you can change the Colors and Background Images in their respective settings.

Available Color Options:

  • Color: The color of the hindmost background. Color changed for visibility. The default color is #FFFFFF(white).

Change Typography Settings

The theme also allows the user to completely change the typography setting which can also be accessed under Appearance Setting. From here, you can change the typography of the entire theme.

Front Page Settings

The Front Page settings help you change a lot of things about the appearance of the landing page of the website. In the Medicall theme, you’ve been given numerous options to tweak and customize various sections of the front page.

The Front Page includes the following sections: Banner Section, About Section, Call to Action (CTA) Section, Video Block Section, Blog Section, and Footer Top Section.

To start customizing the front page, go to Front Page Settings while inside the customizer. 

Banner Section

In the Banner Section, you have six banner options. You can select any banner like slider, static, video and more.

Banner Types

In the Free version, you’re given one type of banner option — Static/Video CTA Banner. You can choose to disable the option in the Banner Options.

Static/Video CTA Banner

This banner type includes an image or a video as the background banner, banner heading, banner subheading, and Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons.

Customization Options:

The Header section can be customized heavily as per your preferences. There are several customization options including content, CTA, image, and video as well. Let us give you a walk-through:

Banner Layout Settings:

You can change the entire layout of the banner in the Medicall Theme. There are a few options priorly. 

Furthermore, the theme also allows you to change the banner’s feature image where you can also add the special features of your healthcare.

Header Image Section:

This is the background image for the banner. Try to use the recommended image size of 1920×720 pixels for best results. Optimized, small-size images are highly suggested because of their impact on site performance. You can change or remove the image as shown below and also add a link to the play button.

Banner Box Section

You can see three boxes below the Banner Section, which is known as the “Banner Box Section”. You can add as many features in the banner boxes as you want. In this section, you can add some important CTAs like that in the image below:

This section is also fully customizable and here are the changes that you can make in the banner box section:

The Medicall Theme allows you to make many changes and customization like adding icons, feature heading, descriptions, and buttons with links as well. This customization option can be accessed.

About Us Section:

Here you can add all the information about your organization and its projects or similar things that provide audiences with the information about what you are and your organization is about. 

In this section, you can customize things like the images (the About Us section has two images: a big one and a small one). Add the information that you want to provide. 

Let’s check how the About Us Section can be customized

This is where you can change or update both big and small images. 

This is where you can customize the Heading, Sub-Heading, Description, and the About List of the About Us Section.

If you scroll just below the heading and description section, you can also add Features, add button, and a link. However, remember that the features section only has a limit of up to three features. 

Quote Section

As you scroll a little below the About Us section, you can see a Quote section.    

In this section, you can change the quote as per your requirement.                   

Service Section

Scrolling a little more below, you can reach a section where you can add several services that your organization offers. From the right side, you can customize all content and other illustrations of this section as well.

In pro version we have given feature to select custom post type and you can select unlimited services as you want. However in free theme there is not the luxury of custom post type you have to manually insert the service and there are only three of them.

Counter Section

Below that we can see the counter section, with counters to indicate your organization’s success stories. You can simply customize all the content from the left-hand side.

Why Us Section: 

After the counters section, the theme has a Why Us section where you can simply add why people should choose your organization among so many more similar healthcare organizations. This section is also highly customizable and all the options are on the left side.

Department Section

This takes us to the Department Section, where you can add all the apartments or medical services of your organization. Some customizable options here are headings, sub-headings, buttons, and sliders.

In pro version we have given feature to select custom post type and you can select unlimited departments as you want. However in free theme there is not the luxury of custom post type you have to manually insert the department and there are only three of them.

Book an Appointment Section

Once, you are done with the Departments section, you can scroll down to see the Book an Appointment section. Being a theme for a medical website, this section certainly is one of the most important parts of the entire theme. Here you can customize the image, heading, sub-heading, description, and Appointment form schedule link. For the form, we suggest you to install Contact Form 7 plugin. Paste the shortcode in the appointment form shortcode textbox.

Video (CTA) Section

After the appointment booking section, we come down to a VIdeo CTA section. You can use this section as a showcase of your latest videos from any source. 

Team Section

From the name itself, we can understand that this section is where the organization can showcase its talented team members. Here you can add as many team members as possible and change the headings, subheadings, and descriptions.

In pro version we have given feature to select custom post type and you can select unlimited teams as you want. However in free theme there is not the luxury of custom post type you have to manually insert the team and there are only three of them.

Pricing Section

You can also set the pricing of your services plans which will be showcased below the team section. Here you can add new pricing and also the features below them.

Testimonial Section

The testimonial section is where some of the client reviews and showcased. Just like every other section, you can change the headings, sub-headings, and reviews/testimonials from here.

CTA Section

We are almost at the end of the page and this is where you can set a CTA section. In this section, you can add any offers, copies, or campaigns that your organization is running. 

Blog Section

A section where your blog posts related to your business and services are displayed.

Customization Settings:

  • Section Title and Subtitle: You can change the heading and the subheading for the section in the respective options.
  • Read More text: Change the text for the Read More button.

And this is what the section looks like, after making all the necessary changes.

FAQ section

In the FAQ section, you can add different questions and also the answers to all those questions. All the questions and answers can be changed and customized on your own.

Partner Section

At the last of the page, we have a partner section, where the healthcare organization can list all of their partners. This can also be easily customized from the customization menu.

General Settings

General Settings comprises settings that allow you to tweak several aspects of the notification bar, select the header, edit the slug of the custom post type for your website, Post and Page settings, and pagination tweaks alongside breadcrumb settings.

We’ll go through each setting and sub-setting inside the General Settings of the customizer and explain what the setting does, how it impacts your website, and where you can see the changes take place.

Notification Settings

Notification settings are where you can change the information you want to give at the top of the entire website.

Changes to make: You can change the heading, add links, and write a description, in the notification setting.

Header Settings

Header Settings is where you can change the settings of the header of your website. Most of the settings are mostly preferences and are localized, meaning they don’t majorly impact the whole website.

Available Sub-Settings:

  • Email, Phone Number Location, Timing Info, and Link: You can set or modify the location and email details shown on the header through these settings. You can also change what text the buttons on the header hold and their links.

How To Create A Page in WordPress

Creating pages in WordPress is simple. Pages can be fully custom or you can create a page with premade templates.

Follow the steps below to create a simple new page for your website:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel. Go to the Pages option located in the left sidebar.

Step 2. Click on Add New at the top. You should have a screen that looks like this:

You can add titles, paragraphs, and many other blocks through the editor. For now, let’s create a basic page titled “My First Page” and a dummy text for the paragraph.

Step 3. Click on the Publish button located on the righthand sidebar.

That’s pretty much it. We’ve created a page titled “My First Page”.

Here’s what the page looks like:

You can add different blocks, headings, and media files via the + button in the editor.

Set Up and Configure Contact Page

Let’s create a Contact page for your website from a ready-made template that comes with a Medicall theme.

1st Step: Create a new page by following the steps described above.

2nd Step: While inside the page editor, locate the Template dropdown selector menu on the right-hand side, and choose the Contact page.

3rd Step: You can configure other settings such as adding an Excerpt or setting the Featured Image for the page. For this demo, we’ll keep the default values. Click on Publish and then click on View Page to visit your newly created page. Here’s what it should look like

Time to configure the theme!

Go to your Customizer and head over to Contact Page Settings to begin customizing your newly created Contact page.

Customization Options:

  • Contact Details Section: Here you can change the text for Section Title, Subtitle, Location Title, Description, Mail Title, your email address, Phone Us heading title, your phone number, and details about your hours of operation.

Ensure that the changes are reflected on the Contact Us page by publishing the changes and refreshing the page.

As expected, we can see the changes on the page.

Footer Settings

You can also play around with the Footer section from this setting. 

There are three settings that you can do in the Footer Settings:

  • Newsletter Section
  • Copyright Section 
  • Social Media Section 

Recommended Image Sizes

Image sizes can impact the performance of your website, which is why we suggest you use the following sizes for images on the website (in pixels):

  • Featured Posts = 440px * 304px (Width * Height)
  • Portfolio Archive = 610px * 458px (Width * Height)
  • Slider Image = 1920px * 853px (Width * Height)

Further Support

Kindly send an inquiry ticket to the Support page if you are experiencing any problems installing the theme, configuring the pages, or customizing the parts of the website. Additionally, you can email us directly at [email protected].

Theme Installation Service

We provide theme installation services at a very reasonable cost if the process seems a little too technical for you. For additional information, visit our page on theme installation services.

Theme Customization Service

Our Theme Customization service can be just what you need if you want experts to alter the theme to your preference or make internal adjustments to its essential components.