WPEngine Review for WordPress Hosting 2024- Worthy or Not?

WPEngine Review for WordPress Hosting

We can find various options for WordPress hosting, including free and paid services in the market. But today we are talking about the most preferred WordPress hosting service i.e. WPEngine. We are here for the WPEngine Review for WordPress Hosting.

As the name suggests, WPEngine provides managed WordPress hosting to all kinds of sectors, like small businesses, enterprises, developers, agencies, and e-commerce.

It is the #1 platform for WordPress and has been a new breed of technology creating sites and apps on WordPress that makes businesses faster to move towards growth.

Additionally, it provides WordPress agencies and freelancers with a single location to handle clients, sites, reports and billing all under their own brand.

Spread across 150 countries worldwide and serving more than 1.5 billion people, WPEngine has stood by its claims and proved its worth throughout.

And today, that is what made us write about this company. So, are you ready to explore WPEngine with us and make the best out of your time? Because let me tell you, WPEngine Review is worth a read if you’re interested in hosting a WordPress site with managed services.

1. Features of WPEngine Hosting

  • 24*7 Worldwide Customer Support
  • Top-notch Security
  • Build a strong, expandable network
  • Free Website Migration
  • Plans optimized for WooCommerce
  • Site Monitoring
  • Obtain the full Headless

To know well about WPEngine’s services, you will have to learn about their features first. And to give a clear and honest opinion, we had to mention this in our WPEngine Review.

WPEngine Review for WordPress hosting

Although WP Engine has several features, the below list highlights some of the best ones it offers to the users. Thus, WPEngine’s WordPress Hosting services include:

i. 24*7 Worldwide Customer Support

Their WordPress specialists are on hand if you require assistance. You can get help from their recognized WordPress support team and work without interruptions.

Even during the holidays and weekends, their support teams are active. They use queue-based support mechanisms i.e. requests are handled in the order they receive.

You can also reach out via live chat in the User Portal, or via phone, if it’s urgent. Also, ticket support is available but the response time might be longer. 

ii. Top-notch Security

With proactive threat detection, managed WordPress hosting upgrades, and gives regular backups, they keep your website secure. Also, free SSL certificates, data encryption, and other advanced security features make sure that your website’s data is always secure. Due to these features, they claim to block 26B attacks a year. 

You can also add third-party certificates for further encryption on non-Startup Plans. 

iii. Build a strong, expandable network

Your web hosting platform should be able to expand as your business does. By switching to WP Engine, businesses are giving their time to markets for better reach.

Their strong advanced security network feature is the fastest and more secure for the website. This feature is available to all their customer, even the free one.

iv. Free Website Migration

A number of websites can be moved to their managed WordPress hosting. With the help of the automatic plugin and support staff, they guarantee a smooth conversion.

They also claim to migrate 500K+ sites using their automated migration plugin. Within an hour, you can easily migrate your site. 

v. Plans optimized for WooCommerce

Coming to e-commerce, you can get a stress-free platform optimized to enable WooCommerce to work more efficiently. Their eCommerce solution offers you the most adaptable, effective, and secure hosting for optimizing your clients’ success. Anyone can easily begin their eCommerce store with WP Engine.

As they use proprietary smart caching technology along with a smart search for WooCommerce, your eCommerce themes load quickly for a better user experience. 

vi. Site Monitoring

Find out about site issues immediately and fix them. You can relax knowing that if there are uptime or error concerns, you’ll be informed and they will be prepared to act fast on it.

This helps you to resolve the issue before the client knows. Also, you can prevent your site from being offline. 

vii. Obtain the full Headless

The WordPress platform Atlas enables you to create, launch, and maintain headless websites using the best practices in contemporary web development.

2. Why is WPEngine the quickest host for WordPress?

WPEngine Quickest Host for WordPress

WP Engine is a platform that optimizes WordPress and integrates it with leading technologies to ensure that our customers receive the best website performance.

It is the only managed WordPress host that offers solutions for all CWV metrics across loading, interactivity, and visual stability, also it is optimized for Core Web Vitals. Due to this the performance of the site is faster and ranks better in google searches.

Here are some points through which you can clearly get the idea that WP Engine is the quickest host for WordPress:

  • Multiple caching layers with proprietary caching technology
  • Free fully managed CDN with DDOS mitigation and managed WAF with global edge security.
  • Automatic WordPress and platform updates.
  • Dedicated servers and servers cluster all over the globe.

3. WPEngine Hosting/ Pricing Plans

WPEngine offers three main hosting services to its users. Each plan has its own benefits and targeted customers. You can easily subscribe to one of these plans. You can also get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

Now, let’s discuss the plans and prices of WPEngine:

Managed WordPress Hosting: Start at $20/month

  • Maximise speed, performance & SEO
  • Proactive threat blocking & security
  • Automated WordPress & PHP updates
  • Customizable themes & workflow tools
  • Effortless 1-click staging & backup

You can scale your managed WordPress hosting plan according to your needs. There’s a pricing scale given on the bottom from where you can customize your plan:

Managed WPEngine Hosting Pricing Plans
 Managed WordPress

eCommerce Solutions for Woo: Starts at $50/month

  • Increase Woo caching up to 90%
  • Cart fragment cache coming soon
  • Auto-plugin updates for site safety
  • Premium eCommerce themes & blocks
  • Better product search to drive sales

The same goes for these plans. Customize your own with the help of the pricing scale panel:

 ecommerce Solutions
Ecommerce Pricing Plans

Advanced Solutions

Contact the customer or sales team to get a quotation according to your demands from the hosting

Advanced Solutions
Advanced Solutions for WordPress Hosting
 Advanced Solutions Hosting

All the pricing discuss above is further classified into five groups each.

  • Startup
  • Professional
  • Growth
  • Scale
  • Custom

For more pricing details you can visit here.

4. Pros and Cons of Hosting Service Providers

Every coin has two sides; likewise, every service has two sides. We looked through the services of WPEngine and found out some advantages and disadvantages of using them. What will bother you and what not depends on what you are looking for!

So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of WPEngine to portray WPEngine Review in a better way and know what’s lacking as well as overpowering about their services:


  • Great and Responsive Customer Support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Scalability and customization of plans
  • They have data centers in the UK, US, and Australia and dedicated data centers in Singapore
  • Geo-Rooting Tool
  • Platform flexibility along with open source flexibility.
  • Integrate with best-in-class technology partners like Google, New Relic, and AWS and optimize their technology for WordPress.


  • Can only host WordPress sites
  • No e-mail services

5. Alternatives to WPEngine

After discussing the WPEngine hosting provider in-depth, it’s time to explore some of its alternatives, which may help you in more ways than WPEngine. You can also choose free WordPress hosting providers but managed WordPress hosting would perform better in terms of performance, support and scalability. 

So, for our user’s better reach and to give them options, we explored some WordPress Hosting providers and came up with these:


BlueHost offers more types of hosting if you do not only want to proceed with WordPress Hosting. It also offers free domain services, unlike WPEngine. It has a partnership with WordPress and is certified to sell its hostings. Making it overall better than whatever you will find over the web. Overall, BlueHost is a hosting provider made for everyone but mostly professionals.


Starting at low costs, SiteGround can be very budget-friendly with almost the same qualities that WPengine provides! And not only SiteGround supports WordPress but also other CMS platforms, unlike WPEngine.


The primary distinction between WP Engine and Cloudways is that WP Engine provides plans based on the number of sites you can host and the basic feature restrictions.

But with Cloudways, you can launch as many sites as you like and on any plan. No matter whatever plan you select, you have access to the same features.

6. Conclusion

While writing this review on WPEngine, we learned that WordPress Hosting is the first and could be the last option for any user who wants to host their website on the internet. It’s compatible, user-friendly, and works well with all kinds of niches and levels.

As a beginner, if you plan to start a blogging career with WordPress, WPEngine can be your first choice. Not only blog, but you can also host any big or small websites like eCommerce, and portfolio with WPEngine.

Hence, reading through WPEngine, the #1 WordPress Hosting provider, was quite fun! Hence, we came out with these fruitful results.

Go through the WPengine Review for WordPress Hosting carefully, and decide which company is the best out of WPEngine and the alternatives for your hosting needs to proceed with!

Note: This article includes affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through them, we may earn a commission.

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