7 Best Plugins to Convert WordPress Website to a Mobile App in 2024

Plugin to Convert WordPress to Mobile App

Want to convert your WordPress website to a mobile app for an Android or iOS app? There’s been a surge in demand for mobile apps. Website owners are slowly moving towards mobile app development.

In the WordPress space, we’ve seen an influx of plugins that help website owners convert their sites to mobile apps. You can easily convert your personal portfolio, online store, or blog built on WordPress into a mobile app.

The focus on WordPress is obvious. The market share of WordPress in the CMS segment is almost 43%, which is astonishing when we consider platforms like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and Magento are also in the same domain.

WordPress outnumbers every CMS and web development solution out there. If you too are using WordPress, here are seven plugins you can use to convert your website to a mobile app.


1. AppMySite

AppMySite’s no-code app maker enables you to create powerful mobile apps without writing a single line of code. It is designed for website owners who want to display their website’s data on the app.

Here’s how it works: connect your website to AppMySite, personalize your app, and download it. You’d then be able to submit your app to the app store or play store.

For WordPress-based websites, AppMySite offers deep integration. All your website’s posts, pages, menus, and more are synced to the native interface of your app. It’s the easiest way to convert your WordPress website to a mobile application.

Some features AppMySite offers include:

  • Powerful customization options to design your app’s assets and screens.
  • Configure your app’s settings and manage how your app looks and works.
  • Preview your app with Android & iOS emulators.
  • Power your app with features like Analytics, Publish, and more.

2. Appmaker.xyz

AppMaker.xyz Mobile App Converting Website
AppMaker.xyz App

Appmaker is also a codeless app-making solution that’s designed to help you build apps. Besides WordPress, Appmaker also supports other platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. You can get a custom app built on the platform.

This is how it works: connect your website and app by installing the Appmaker plugin, customize your app, and publish it to the app stores.

Some features Appmaker offers are:

  • Connect your website and app with the Appmaker plugin.
  • Customize your app based on your business goals and needs
  • Support for WordPress and Woo Commerce.
  • Publish your app to Google Play and Apple App Store.

3. GoodBarber

GoodBarber Mobile App Converting Website
GoodBarber App

Goodbarber is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to sync your WordPress website’s data in a mobile app.

One key difference between Goodbarber and other platforms is that WordPress integration on this app builder is optional. You can create an app without connecting a website of any kind. You can use Goodbarber’s proprietary CMS to fill up your app with content.

Some of GoodBarber’s top features are:

  • Support for in-app purchases, product export/import, push notifications, and more.
  • Support for third-party integrations with platforms like Zapier, WordPress, and more.
  • Easy connectivity with the Goodbarber WordPress plugin.
  • A proprietary CMS to add content to the mobile app natively.

4. AppPresser

AppPresser Mobile App Converting Website
AppPresser App

AppPresser is specially designed for WordPress website owners. It’s a DIY platform where WordPress users can connect their websites and build an app without coding. Unlike the other plugins covered here, it only supports WordPress.

Users are required to connect their website and app with the AppPresser WordPress plugin. The plugin itself will not allow you to create an app. However, it will sync your website’s data to a native app once the connection is complete.

Some of the best features AppPresser offers are:

  • A no-code platform for app development.
  • Customize your app in the famous and familiar WordPress customizer.
  • Test how your app works on a real device before publishing.
  • Support for BuddyBoss, Learndash, and WooCommerce.

5. Mobiloud

MobiLoud Mobile App Converting Website
MobiLoud App

Mobiloud is an app builder that enables WordPress website owners to create a mobile app without coding. Within Mobiloud, you can build an app on two platforms– Canvas and News.

Canvas is designed for basically any type of WordPress website that’s optimized for mobile devices. From community forums to LMS websites, Canvas is a DIY platform within it that allows you to create apps for essentially any kind of WordPress website.

News is a fully-managed service that allows WordPress website owners to get assistance from Mobiloud in building and managing the app.

Some of Mobiloud’s features are:

  • A no-code platform to create mobile apps.
  • Seamless user onboarding for your app users.
  • Publish on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Integration with OneSignal for push notifications.

6. WPMobile.app

WPMobile.app Mobile App Converting Website

Like every plugin on this list, WPMobile.app enables you to convert your WordPress website to a native Android and iOS app.

The platform offers a ton of customization options to enable you to design your app the way you like. The app you build is white-labelled and designed for native compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Some of the features WPMobile offers are:

  • No-code DIY platform for app development.
  • Customize your app the way you want. Add your own logo, brand name, and more.
  • Your app will be delivered to the app stores for submission by WPMobile.
  • Whenever a new update is available, your app will be updated automatically.

7. Androapp

Androapp Mobile App Converting Website

Androapp is a WordPress plugin that enables you to turn your website into a mobile app. This tool is restricted to Android apps. You can easily create an Android app with the full-suite of features and functionality.

Some of the features Androapp offers are:

  • Publish Android apps to the Google Play Store.
  • Features like push notifications, monetization, and deep linking support.
  • Dynamic options for menus, ad placement, notifications, and more.
  • A no-code platform designed for non-tech professionals.

Why are no-code options better for app development?

All the plugins covered here essentially allow WordPress website owners to create mobile apps without coding. The question here is why are no-code options necessary.

Web development can be simplified via no-code/low-code platforms. WordPress is a prime example of a low-code platform where someone without a background in coding can create a reasonably good website.

Similarly, app development can be simplified with the help of platforms that make programming essential.

There’s also an advantage when you convert a WordPress website to a mobile application. As the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress serves a wide variety of use cases. These plugins are specially built for WordPress websites, meaning you can create basically any type of app you like.

Some of the plugins covered here also support a variety of WordPress plugins like Woo Commerce, Elementor, Buddy Boss, and so on. It is thus possible to create any kind of app with such plugins simply because they can support a wide range of WordPress-based solutions.


App development can be tedious. Businesses are required to hire development agencies and developers to create a viable app for their business. This can be fairly expensive with no guarantee of success considering the crowded nature of the app market.

A better solution is to convert a WordPress website into a mobile application. WordPress enables you to create many types of websites with a ton of features. Bringing all these features to an app will help you deliver a powerful experience to your users and customers.

This article highlights some of the top plugins you can use to convert a WordPress website to a mobile application. You can get started with these plugins to transform your website into a mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does WordPress to app do?

    WordPress to app is a service that turns your website into a native app that works for both iOS and android. You can use the mobile app to create, edit and publish content, manage your media, delete or approve comments, and track your site’s traffic and trends. Later versions of the plugin also include the ability to customize your Theme and Menu settings.

  • Why is WordPress app needed?

    With today’s modernization and development, WordPress alone is not enough. There is significant difference between having WordPress website and WordPress mobile app. Converting WordPress Website to mobile app offers you benefits such as better experience and speed, push notification on iOS and android and an app store presence

Frequently Asked Questions

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