Wix vs WordPress in 2024: Which Platform is Better? 

wix vs wordpress

Wix vs WordPress is a hot topic for discussion when it comes to website development easier for beginners. They are excellent platforms to get your site ready within an hour. Starting a blog with WordPress or Wix is a widely discussed topic among bloggers.

You surely have heard about them if you are interested in website creation or need your own website. These two platforms make it simple for you to build websites for your blog, online store, etc. 

You could find it challenging to decide which to use for your website. Therefore, in this article, we have covered a thorough comparison between Wix vs WordPress. 

For your convenience, we have compared them on every factor—like pricing, SEO, support, and everything in between. 

Please take note that we are discussing WordPress.org here, not WordPress.com. These two are distinct from one another. WordPress.org is an open-source software that is 100% free while WordPress.com is a hosting service provider. 

Wix vs WordPress: Brief Discussion 

Before diving into our today’s topic, first, let’s know about Wix and WordPress in short. Here is a brief discussion about them.

In one word, we can say Wix is a drag and drop page builder whereas WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS).  

As Wix is a website builder, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. Anyone can use it easily. But WordPress being a CMS, need to have some technical knowledge.  

WordPress by default has Gutenberg block editor. It doesn’t have drag and drop feature, but it is a powerful editor for your website. You can also use another editor or page builder like elementor, Divi, etc. 

With Wix, you must pay a monthly fee that includes both your website and hosting but it’s different with WordPress. WordPress is free, you don’t need to pay for websites. Yet, you need to pay for a hosting company to get your website live. 

You need to find a reliable hosting provider for your website. There are two options to choose from: free or paid hosting providers for WordPress. We prefer you to go with a paid one for better performance and service.

Difference Between Wix vs WordPress

We now have a basic understanding of the differences between Wix and WordPress. Both are distinct from one another. Here, we will analyze each criterion in detail to understand how they differ from one another.

1. Plan and Pricing

Wix has a free plan that allows you to publish a simple website. If you want an advanced website, you need to spend some money.  

Their plan starts from $4 per month and goes up to $35 per month. Each plan has some extra features that are needed for your website. 

For its plans, Wix has two categories. The first one, “Website Plans,” is primarily concerned with a professional website. The second one, “Business and eCommerce Plans”, focuses mostly on websites that accept payments online.  

Below is the image of “Website Plans” which has further four plans. 

Wix Website Plans
Wix Website Plans

Below is the image of “Business and eCommerce Plans” which has further three plans. 

Wix Business and eCommerce Plans
Wix Business and eCommerce Plans

WordPress is completely free. It does not have any plans. Yet, you need to find the best WordPress hosting provider. Paying for the domain is optional as most of the hosting providers give you options for the custom domain.

There are many hosting companies that are dedicated to WordPress only like WPEngine. These companies include custom domains in their hosting packages. No separate domain needs to be purchased.

For the best WordPress hosting, you can choose Bluehost as an example. It is one of the well-known WordPress hosting providers. By spending $2.95 per month, you can get a website that includes a free domain for a year.

This lowers the cost of your WordPress website. However, if you use expensive plugins or themes, the price can go up. This is also an optional choice. 

Also, it is recommended to spend a little penny on themes and plugins for WordPress. The theme gives the stunning look to your website while plugins provide extra features. You can find both free and paid WordPress themes for your website.

Wix also provides you with free templates and apps for your website. You can get both paid and free templates and apps.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, WordPress will gain a point for plan and pricing. It is cheaper and more customizable as you pay according to the services you use.  

2. Ease To Use

Wix is easier to use than WordPress as you don’t need to install the software. You just need to sign in to their website and start creating your website. 

But for WordPress, you need to download WordPress in your system and then set up WordPress for your website. This is a lengthy and hectic process for a beginner.  

Also, Wix uses the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) drag-and-drop editor which is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to write a single code.  

However, WordPress has a Gutenberg block editor that also allows you to drag and drop elements around your pages. But it is a little complex compared to Wix. 

Wix editor has a front-end interface that reflects the change immediately after it is made in the editor. 

But WordPress has a back-end interface. You need to preview and publish your pages to see the changes.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, Wix will gain a point for ease to use. It is easier for beginners to get their website ready as it does not require any technical knowledge. 

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another important topic for the discussion while comparing Wix vs WordPress. There is a lot of debate, some say Wix is better while some say WordPress is better. 

Wix has improved a lot in SEO and offers a wide range of SEO tools for your website. Like, it allows you to customize the URL and image alt texts. Also, you can set Meta titles, Meta descriptions, headings, create 301 redirects, etc. 

On a basic level, Wix has a ton of fantastic SEO features, but when we start looking at the more advanced features, we start to find many limitations with Wix. 

You couldn’t fully customize websites by adding custom HTML codes. This makes Wix a less flexible platform for advanced SEO. This can negatively impact your SEO. 

But with WordPress, you get more flexibility.  

Although it is flexible, you only get basic features like changing URL, setting Metadata, etc. It lacks most of the advanced features that are needed for good SEO.  

Don’t worry, WordPress has got the solution and i.e., plugins. You can find thousands of plugins for SEO with WordPress. These plugins make WordPress a better option for SEO. 

Plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math are the game changers for the best SEO. It simplifies your work and helps your website rank higher. Due to this, WordPress websites dominate the top spots in Google and other search engines.  

Similar to WordPress plugins, Wix also has its own App market. This app is like a plugin. But Wix has only a few apps while WordPress has hundreds of plugins. 

Our Opinion

In our opinion, WordPress will gain a point if you are using SEO plugins. Also, you can insert your own code for SEO, which makes WordPress a better choice for SEO. 

But Wix will also gain a point if you are a beginner. You don’t need to code and have any technical knowledge; you will get fantastic SEO from them. 

So, it depends upon your requirements and knowledge. If you are a beginner or need small or basic websites, Wix is the best choice. But if you have the technical knowledge or need bigger websites, WordPress would be your choice. 

4. Blog

Many people are puzzled while deciding between Wix vs WordPress for blogging. Please do not worry; we will assist you in resolving your confusion now. 

Wix is a better option for beginners who want to start blogging. It offers tons of blogging features that make it more user-friendly. You can add tags, categories, tables, images, videos, etc. 

You will also get hundreds of free blog templates with Wix as well as WordPress. Both have many templates support.

With WordPress, you can customize your theme but with Wix, you are limited to this. You can’t customize their template.

Wix has a comment section, but their comment section is slower and more difficult to manage compared to WordPress sites.  

You need to install third-party commenting section to manage comments. But WordPress comes with an inbuilt commenting section that is easy to manage. 

WordPress was originally developed for blogging and provided numerous options for bloggers. You can get hundreds of advanced features like feature images, private posts, backdate blog posts, etc. 

You will also get lots of free themes and templates for your website. Also, you will get many free plugins like Yoast SEO, Jetpack, etc. These plugins are quite helpful for your blogging site.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, WordPress will gain a point for blogging. It has many more features than Wix because it was created solely for blogging. 

Wix is fantastic for beginners who want to start their own blogging site without any hassle, but WordPress is the best option if you are committed to blogging and have long-term plans. 

5. Support

As Wix is a closed-source company, their support service is far better than WordPress. Wix provides email support, phone support, and live chat support and has a good public forum to help their customers.  
There is always someone to help you if you are stuck on your website. They claim to provide 24/7 support to their customers. 

Also, you will receive VIP support that enables you to skip the line if you choose a more expensive plan. 

But WordPress, being free and open source, does not have any official support team. You will only find the large community forum to help you. 

You will also find lots of YouTube tutorials and blog posts to help you. You need to struggle a lot if you are stuck in some problem. You need to scroll through large comment sections. 

This is quite a hectic job and time consuming. If you purchase a plugin or theme, then you might get support from the developer. But this is not sure. 

Our Opinion 

In our opinion, Wix will surely gain a point for support. Wix has a dedicated customer support desk but you will not get this facility with WordPress. 

WordPress only has a large community forum where you need to find your answer. This forum won’t guarantee you whether your problem will be solved or not. 

6. Performance

Wix websites are 20% more likely to have higher performance than WordPress websites. This is the result determined by Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV).

CWV is the same indicator google uses to rank the website in the google search engine. We can see in the below CWV charts showing the Wix vs WordPress website performance.  

Wix vs WordPress performance chart

The above chart clearly shows that since 2021, Wix has been improving its website performance. WordPress is also trying its best to improve the performance of the website, but it is still behind Wix.  

Our Opinion  

In our opinion, Wix will surely gain a point for performance. From the above chart also we can conclude that the Wix site performs better than the WordPress site. 

Wix offers all performance optimization capabilities, including a globally distributed CDN, file compressor, etc. Furthermore, Wix sites are progressively passing the CWV test, indicating that Wix is consistently improving its platform. 


Wix is a page builder that is easier to use while WordPress is a CMS that is a little hectic compared to Wix. Wix does not need any technical knowledge while WordPress needs some technical knowledge.  

With Wix, you don’t need to worry about the hosting, domains, etc. Whereas you need to consider the hosting, and domain with WordPress. You need to either go with free WordPress hosting or paid WordPress hosting.

You can prefer Wix if you are a beginner or need a small or basic website. But WordPress must be your choice if you want advanced and stunning websites. 

You can quickly start your own website within a few minutes using Wix. But WordPress takes some extra minutes. You first need to install WordPress in your system, then only you can start creating your site.  

WordPress has thousands of free plugins and templates compared to the Wix App store. You can get tons of additional features with WordPress, but there are only a few additional features.

In summary, Wix is a good choice for users who want a simple, user-friendly platform to build a small or medium-sized website, while WordPress is a more powerful and flexible option for larger, more complex websites.

We hope that this article helped you to know the differences between Wix vs WordPress. You should make your choice depending on your requirements.

And, if you have any queries or if you want us to know more about another website builder, you can kindly email us at [email protected]   


  • 1. Is WordPress better than Wix? 

    The answer to this question depends upon your requirements whether you want advanced flexible site or basic site. If you want advanced customization options, then WordPress is for you. You need to have some technical expertise to create your website with WordPress. But if you want to make your task easy and want a basic website then Wix is the better choice. You do not need any technical knowledge to work with Wix. 

  • 2. How is WordPress.org different from WordPress.com? 

    WordPress.org is free and open-source software that helps you to create your website. But you need a hosting service and a domain name to make it public. You will host your website yourself, that’s why it is also called self-hosted service. 

    While WordPress.com is a hosting service that has less customization options to your website. You need to subscribe to their plans to get better service. They host your website and take care of your website. 

  • 3. Which is easier to use; Wix or WordPress? 

    Wix is easier to use compared to WordPress. As WordPress is a CMS, you need technical knowledge to use it. It’s quite difficult for a beginner to start with WordPress. But Wix is a drag and drop editor, you will quickly get your website ready. You do not need technical knowledge to get started with Wix. It is quite easy to use for a beginner. 

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