11 Best Full Site Editing WordPress Themes in 2022

Best Full Site Editing WordPress Themes

If you are looking for the best full site editing WordPress themes for your blog, business, or startups, we assure you that you have hit the right place and you will not regret seeing the series of options we have listed here.

These full sites editing WordPress themes are going to make your choice simpler, easier, and more evident. These block-based WordPress themes are developed and designed to support your development process and will not let you down with its features and versatility.  

What is Full Site Editing (FSE)?

Full site editing is the set of WordPress features that allows you to make changes on the entire website, not being limited to the specified content. 

Full site editing WordPress themes offers you with the number of features which support your website design one way or other and these features include: Site Editor, Style Interface, Template parts, Template editor and many more.  

Concept of Full Site Editing:

  • Introduction to full site editor for creating, editing and previewing templates
  • A style interface for selecting default styles for websites and individual blocks
  • Templates for full page layouts, including site header, content and footer areas
  • Template parts, which are structural blocks for re-using within templates
  • Block patterns with unique design elements for different types of pages and templates
  • Blocks for site building, such as site title and site logo
  • A theme configuration file with default styles and settings

Why is full site editing (FSE) the future for WordPress?

Full site editing has been released with WordPress 5.9 and is still in the process of development. It allows the user to make changes not only on the specific content but on every aspect of the website design. Adding into it, it also focusses on replacing the widgets and menus with blocks.  

WordPress 5.9 came up with so many full site editing features to support your website design. However, the development of new WordPress may have additional full site editing features with great potentialities and uses. 

The shift to full site editing in WordPress is really worth it as it offers a number of advantages. 

WordPress full site editing has an ability to customize every aspect of the website including headers, footers, page templates and typography all from same place, without having to be limited around the specific content.  

Full site editing WordPress theme brings more complete and consistent editing experience for the users as it allows the users to place blocks anywhere, they like and then change the style of these blocks from a single interface. Also, users can simply drag and drop block patterns to create unique designs and save them in their own templates.  

With full site editing capabilities in WordPress, beginners can also design and customize their sites, making it beginner friendly. It lowers the barrier to entry and makes WordPress easier to use for everyone, especially beginners and content writers. 

WordPress full site editing lets the users build their website from scratch without coding lines. Users will have more control and flexibility over designing and creating their websites without having to think and worry about the codes. With these super amazing features and potentialities, we can consider the full site editing the future for WordPress.  

Some best full site editing WordPress themes

In this blog, we have tried to incorporate some of the best full sites editing WordPress themes which might be helpful for you to decide your next WordPress block theme.  

1. Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two Full Site Editing Theme

Twenty-Twenty Two is the new default full site editing WordPress theme that came out together with WordPress 5.9 and offers opportunity for customization. This theme is inspired by the diversity and versatility of birds- light weighted yet resilient. This new WordPress theme keeps minimal design yet offers wider features and has greater flexibility.

It offers more creative page and layout building, block themes as well as variety in templates, background colors, patterns, headers, footers and provides opportunity for customization. It also allows the users to explore full site editing, navigation blocks and the new image galleries. 

2. Astra

astra full site editing theme

Astra is fastest, free and fully customizable WordPress full site editing theme. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes with several features. Its features include performance optimized code, customizable design options, amazing integrations and stunning customer reviews.

It is suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website and supports Woo Commerce. This theme offers high speed as it is light weighted weighing just 50KB.

It is super flexible and works amazingly with all WordPress page builder like Elementor, Beaver builder, Visual composer, Site origin, Divi and many more.  

3. Catch FSE

catch fse full site editing theme

It is built under WordPress Twenty-Twenty Theme and offers minimalist design approach and opportunity for customization. It has dark and light color schemes and comes with 15 different block patterns, 17 FSE templates and 9 template parts in order to build your site design the way you want.

Catch FSE is block based theme and has simple typography and clean design which make your site unique among others.

This WordPress full site editing theme is suitable for all kinds of websites including online blogs and corporate sites. It lets the users work on the content with intuitive drag and drop options using block patterns.

4. Seed Prod

It is another full site editing WordPress theme that provides more flexibility and versatility with the designs. It requires no coding knowledge and is the most beginner friendly page builder in the market.

Seed Prod is a WordPress Website theme builder, which allows you to create custom theme and template parts like headers, footers, page templates, page layouts and Woo Commerce all using no coding theme builder.

It is the WordPress theme that offers the best drag and drop page builder, readymade custom blocks, 80+ pro blocks, 2M+ free stock images, prebuilt themes, spam protection, subscriber management and many more.

5. Tove

It is a multicolor and multipurpose WordPress theme and is built mainly for cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. It offers 40+ block patterns, including six different header designs, seven different footer designs and many more site-wide layout.

The users can change the layout of headers and footers, create entirely custom page templates and modify the structure of blogs with the full site editing.

It can be flexible with any type of site and offers easy customization. This theme is light weighted with just 200 KB and mostly these come from placeholder illustrations and theme screen shots.

6. Bricksy

bricksy full site editing theme

Bricksy is a free modern block-based full site editing WordPress theme. This theme allows adjustment in theme colors, line heights, typography and much more from global style panel. It also allows you to create and operate your site in no time without coding requirements.

It combines timeless design elements with a modern layout and easy to use features. Its features include drag and drop block patterns, customization, fast and light weight, block editor and FSE optimized, Woo Commerce support, block pages and patterns and many more.

7. Aino

aino full site editing theme

Aino is an advanced full site editing WordPress theme and is thought to be super perfect for designing websites for magazines. With Aino, the user can create online shops, business websites, personal blog and portfolios and also Aino supports Woo Commerce.

Aino offers bold colors, classic font styles and simple yet elegant typography with unique variations. In combination with the Aino Blocks plugin, you can easily create advanced page layouts using Aino’s predesigned block patterns.

Aino comes with the advanced block plugin to create custom page layouts with built-in block patterns and site manager. Adding into it, Aino also offers the customization of the designs.

8. Clove

This WordPress theme is designed mainly for artists because of its simple yet beautiful templates and lay outs. Clove is experimental and comes with floral, nature theme-based design.

This is inspired by nature and beautiful, retro illustrations. This full site editing WordPress theme manifests the immense beauty of nature in its design and catches the eye of the artists within a fraction of seconds.

It has a minimal design yet looks elegant with its natural colors and beautiful layouts. It comes with a set of templates and design settings that can be manipulated through global styles.

9. Hansen

Hansen is simple full site editing WordPress theme which adds style and personality to the website design and integrates with ecommerce tools with ease. This WordPress theme is rich with features and is highly recommended for agency/organizational website.

It offers large number of page templates and block patterns as well as customizable header and footer. On top of that, it has full width layout, beautiful color scheme and custom background. The layout looks super beautiful at any size and is made to fit laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android mobile or tablets.

10. Block Press

Block Press is another full site editing WordPress theme with better flexibility, affordability and performance. It doesn’t use jQuery or external libraries and is optimized for asset usage.

Block Press offers more than 20 query loop templates, page layouts, header and footer pattern, style switcher, dark color scheme, font selector, library of block styles and section patterns.

This theme is designed to make Woo Commerce shops with improved pages, clean designs and layout editor. This theme has maximum speed, better customization and amazing animation framework. Also, with Block Press you can use the Lottie Animations framework features, directly from your block editor.

11. Ona

ona full site editing theme

Ona is another simple WordPress full sites editing theme with minimal design philosophy. Ona comes with various predefined block patterns. Ona’s design is more inclined toward modern day fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogs.

This WordPress theme is speed optimized and Gutenberg compatible with many other impressive features. Along with this, it perfectly suits those websites which have an immediate impact on core web vitals performance. It also enables the users to make perfect use of its readymade block patterns, customizable colors and fonts.  


Choosing the rightful WordPress theme for making your editing experience the best might place you in dilemma. This article pretty much wraps up our list on the best full site editing WordPress themes and we hope we could provide you with the list that best suits your website.

From this article you can choose any of the themes that you might find relevant and that perfectly fits your requirements.  As for now, these listed WordPress themes offer you seamless services and will definitely not leave you in worries. 


Did we miss your favorite theme or is there any you could recommend to us?  

If it is yes, you can kindly notify us on the comment section or email us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need full site editing themes in WordPress?

    Full site editing themes enables the users to enjoy full site editing experience. Full site editing themes include new templates, blocks, global styles and give you the ability to play with the blocks to build templates and many more. Full site editing themes also enable the users to customize every aspect of their website, without having to be limited around the specific content. Also, users will have more flexibility and control over their website design without coding lines. That is why, users need full site editing in WordPress.  

  • Do all themes have full site editing capability?

    Full site editing came with WordPress 5.0 but it is not accessible to every theme. If you are using classic theme, then you are not accessible to full site editing. But if you are using block-based theme, then you can access full site editing.  

  • What’s the impact of full site editing on site performance?

    The impact of full site editing on site performance is negligible because it doesn’t affect the fundamental architecture of website. The only possible performance benefit of full site editing would be if it replaced the need for a third-party plugin, such as a page builder. However, it is not recommended to use full site editing as a replacement for page builders. 


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