10 Free WordPress Hosting Providers for 2021: Expert Picks

Free WordPress Hosting services provide the bare essentials you need to host your own WordPress website completely free-of-charge! Now that might seem like an obvious steal, but are free WordPress hosting services actually good for long-term use?

WordPress hosting can be quite expensive, especially if you’re new to the WordPress arena.

If you want to host a simple WordPress website, you may not need a premium WordPress hosting provider; free WordPress hosting services can get your job done.

Free hosting services generally ship with a reasonable bandwidth, disk space to store website files, and a database to get started with.

“Okay, if that’s the case, why would I ever want to pick a premium hosting service?”

Ironically, “free” WordPress hosting services come with a cost.

You won’t be getting top-notch performance from a free WordPress hosting service. They might limit the amount of disk space you can use. And you’ll never know if you’ll get spammed with constant promotion mails after signing up.

With that said though, we believe free WordPress hosting services have many upsides than downsides.

Below, we’ll talk about reasons why you may want to pick a free WordPress hosting service, the best free WordPress hosting providers in the market and when free WordPress hosting services can fall short.

Also, you might be wondering how free WordPress hosting providers earn money. We’ll briefly talk about their business models as well to get an insight into why they are providing WordPress hosting services free of charge.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Free WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting allows you to host your website on WordPress with zero cost. Besides hosting, some Free WordPress Hosting providers give you other features. 

For instance, 000webhost offers 3GB of bandwidth, 300MB disk space, and a database to work with.

The features vary depending upon the Free WordPress Hosting provider you wish to go with. We’ll compare the 10 best free WordPress hosting providers down below.

The bottom line is that you get exceptional value if you decide to go with a free WordPress Hosting provider to host your website. 

Or do you?

You see, even if the providers label their services “free”, they aren’t. First off, you’ll get drastically reduced performance and reliability. 

Unlike paid counterparts, Free WordPress hosting services have extremely limited features.

Some free WordPress hosting providers don’t offer email accounts. While others straight-up refuse to provide customer support, whatsoever. You can’t have a certain number of visitors per day; free WordPress hosting services cap the visitors count.

Considering everything, Free WordPress hosting services are of great value in our opinion. Paying for premium hosting services can be overkill if your website can’t use all the features they provide. In such cases, free WordPress hosting services are your best bet.

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services

  • 000webhost: The Best in The Market
  • WordPress: Can’t Go Wrong With WordPress.com
  • Byet Host: Tons of Free Features
  • x10Hosting: Cloud-Based Hosting Platform
  • AccuWeb Hosting: Everything You Could Ask For
  • Freehostia: Emphasis On Speed, Cluster-platform Based Servers
  • InfinityFree: Infinite Free Features, Zero Compromise
  • WPNode: Trusted, Reliable and Snappy
  • AwardSpace Hosting: Free WordPress Hosting Pioneers
  • FreeHosting: More Than Just Free Hosting

If you google “free WordPress Hosting providers” right now, you’ll be surprised to see how many there are.

It can be frustrating to compare all the free WordPress hosting providers and pick one from them. And even if you finally decide to go with one, you’ll still feel as if you could be missing out on a better offer.

That’s why we decided to compile the 10 best free WordPress hosting providers in the market. We’ll be listing their features, pros and cons, and reasons why we recommend them in the first place.

And finally, we’ll be comparing all the free WordPress hosting providers side-by-side to make it easier for you to pick one.

With everything said, here’s the list—

1. 000webhost

000webhost is a free hosting platform offered by Hostinger, one of the most popular hosting providers.

000webhost offers free WordPress hosting services with cPanel, PHP, and MySQL database and zero ads. They have their own website builder Zyro to simplify your website building process. They even offer a free .000webhostapp domain for you to use right off the bat!

Key Features of 000webhost:

  • Softaculous tool to easily install WordPress
  • 300MB Disk Space for you to use
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • No annoying ads
  • Powerful dashboard to manage your websites
  • CloudFlare protected nameservers for added security
  • Full PHP and MySQL-powered database with FTP access
  • 99% Server Uptime Guarantee
  • 1 CronJob service to automate certain server tasks


  • The setup process is extremely straightforward and easy.
  • You can use their free 000webhostapp domain or park your own domains to use.
  • The free website tool Zyro makes it super simple to customize the website to your needs.
  • Other than a small banner at the bottom right of the screen, your website won’t have any ads.
  • Custom-built dashboard makes it a breeze to manage your hosted websites.
  • You’ll have complete control of the database and FTP.


  • 000webhost doesn’t offer any support for email hosting.
  • Your data won’t be backed up at all. You’ll have to manually backup your website’s data.
  • They don’t offer services like DNS Management and GitHub integration.
  • They’ll remove your website if your website exceeds the free plan limits.

Our Opinions on 000webhost:

We personally think 000webhost is the best option for a free WordPress hosting provider, as long as your website doesn’t cross the limits of the free plan. Plus the free domain they provide can be extra useful for some users.

If you don’t mind the storage and bandwidth limits and are looking for a full-fledged free WordPress hosting service, 000webhost is easily your best bet.

2. WordPress.com

WordPress.com offers free WordPress hosting services with many useful features. 

WordPress.com utilizes the open-sourced software that WordPress.org uses. Although limited to what you can do, this allows you to easily create and host your own WordPress website at no cost.

If your WordPress website starts to gain more traffic, they offer 4 different plans to expand.

Key Features of WordPress.com:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free pre-installed SSL Certificate
  • JetPack Essential features to improve site’s speed and SEO
  • 3GB to store your website’s data
  • Free and professional WordPress themes to choose from
  • Easy set-up process
  • User-friendly WordPress.com Dashboard


  • Setting up your website is easy and fast. You sign up for a WordPress.com account and start building your website right away. No WordPress installation required.
  • They offer free JetPack Essentials which is a suite of features that improve site speed, SEO and prevent spam.
  • They provide unlimited bandwidth for a snappy site experience.
  • The dashboard is made with simplicity in mind. You can easily manage your website via the dashboard.
  • You get access to many free WordPress themes.


  • They don’t allow you to install custom plugins and themes.
  • You can’t manage your database via FTP access.
  • They require you to pay if you wish to use your own domain. 
  • No CronJob and DNS Management services.

Our Opinions on WordPress.com:

Since they don’t allow you to access the database, WordPress.com is best suited for non-technical users. They don’t require you to have knowledge about the installation process. All it takes are a couple of clicks and you’ll have your own free WordPress website.

We think the major downside of WordPress.com is that you can’t install your own plugins and extensions. Regardless, we highly recommend WordPress.com if you’re looking for a full WordPress experience with minor tradeoffs.

3. Byet Host

Byet.Host is known for the wide array of free WordPress hosting features they offer.

With over 1 million websites hosted for the last 11 years, Byet Host claims to offer 100% server uptime and ad-free WordPress hosting services.

Key Features of Byet Host:

  • Free 1-Click WordPress installer Softaculous
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Free email hosting up to 5 addresses
  • Up to 5 MySQL databases
  • Free 1GB Disk Space
  • Zero ads
  • Free subdomain
  • VistaPanel Hosting Dashboard
  • Free tech support


  • Free 1-Click WordPress installer Softaculous
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Free email hosting up to 5 addresses
  • Up to 5 MySQL databases
  • Free 1GB Disk Space
  • Zero ads
  • Free subdomain
  • VistaPanel Hosting Dashboard
  • Free tech support


  • You can’t upload files exceeding 10MB in size.
  • The dashboard is unintuitive and looks outdated.
  • They don’t provide free SSL certificates.
  • 1GB storage space is relatively less compared to other options in the list.

Our Opinions on Byet Host:

Byet host should be your option if you’re looking for dozens of free features from a free WordPress hosting provider.

Despite having a clunky dashboard, the installation process is quite easy. You can also use a free subdomain that they provide. The unlimited bandwidth ensures high performance.

To top it all off, Byet Host provides free tech support. A great option for technical as well as non-technical users.

4. x10Hosting

One of the few cloud-based free WordPress hosting providers in the list, x10 Hosting offers high performance and flexible web hosting services.

They provide a user-friendly experience, a 1-click WordPress installer, and full access to the server via FTP.

In addition to that, they also have a free website builder tool to simplify the web building process. And they offer unlimited bandwidth. What more could you ask for?

Key Features of x10Hosting:

  • Cloud-based hosting, meaning the content are hosted on cloud servers rather than individual servers
  • Full cPanel control panel access
  • 1-Click software installation for WordPress, including 1-click installs for third-party scripts
  • PHPmyAdmin and MySQL database with full access
  • Full server control via FTP
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 512MB storage space


  • You’ll get full cPanel access or you can use their own custom control panel.
  • Because they provide unlimited bandwidth, x10Hosting is perfectly suitable for high-traffic websites.
  • 1-Click installs for WordPress and third-party scripts make it user-friendly to use.
  • You won’t be charged to use your own domain. They also provide five free subdomains to use.
  • They allow you to configure email inboxes and domains.


  • Highly limited storage space of only 512MB
  • Being a cloud-based free WordPress hosting provider, their signup locations are limited. You can’t use their services globally.
  • They don’t offer free SSL Certificates for your website.

Our Opinions on x10Hosting:

x10Hosting is suited for both technical and non-technical users. Having cPanel access means you’ll have more control over your website. The setup process is simple, thanks to the 1-Click auto-installer script.

You can take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth they provide.

Despite the upsides, you can’t use their services from anywhere in the world. Besides, they don’t give you much storage space to work with.

So, if you live in one of their signup locations, and need full cPanel access, x10Hosting is a really strong choice for a free WordPress hosting provider.

5. AccuWeb Hosting

Known for its blazingly fast site performance, AccuWeb offers free WordPress hosting services packed with tons of features. 

Unlike most of the other web-hosting providers, AccuWeb is completely free of any ads and banners. They offer full cPanel access loaded with PHP7 and HTTP/2 support.

They’ve made the setup process super easy. All you need to do is signup for a free account and use their 1-Click WordPress installer.

Key Features of AccuWeb Hosting:

  • Full access to cPanel dashboard
  • Free email hosting with upto 25 accounts
  • 2GB SSD Storage
  • 5000 monthly visitors allowed
  • 10 MySQL databases with full access
  • Full server control with 5 FTP accounts per user


  • They offer full cPanel access for more control.
  • They allow you to use your own domain for free.
  • You can have up to 25 different email accounts for your own website.
  • They offer basic backup support.
  • You’ll be getting a bandwidth of 30 GB per month, which is quite a generous amount.


  • Since their server location for the free plan is in Montreal, Canada, there will be a reduced performance for distant users.
  • They only provide limited ticket support for free users.
  • In cases where you want to host more than one site, they require you to submit a government-issued ID.

Our Opinions on AccuWeb Hosting:

We think AccuWeb hosting is definitely one of the best options for free WordPress hosting because of their high speed and features.

But because they don’t have their servers in different locations, the site performance won’t be consistent for all users.

AccuWeb should be your choice if you need an ad-free WordPress hosting experience. Their services are unmatched when it comes to free WordPress hosting. 

6. Freehostia

Freehostia uses cluster-platform for their servers meaning they’re much faster than the well-known one-server hosting platform solution.

With their 1-Click installer script, installing and hosting your own WordPress website becomes a piece of cake.

They offer everything you’d expect from a top-notch free WordPress hosting provider – free email hosting, up to 5 domain hosting, MySQL databases, and so forth.

They’ve made the setup process super easy. All you need to do is signup for a free account and use their 1-Click upgrade to their paid hosting solution for added features.

Key Features of Freehostia:

  • Load-balanced clustered servers for faster speed
  • Up to 5 domains hosting which other hosting providers rarely allow
  • Free email hosting (up to 3 accounts)
  • 250MB Disk Space
  • 1-Click Installer for WordPress and third-party scripts
  • Easy setup process
  • Full MySQL database access
  • 6GB bandwidth


  • You’ll get Free SSL Certificates upon using their hosting services.
  • You can host up to 5 domains.
  • They offer email hosting for up to 5 accounts.
  • Their 1-Click installer makes it extremely easy to install WordPress and other scripts.


  • 250MB of disk space can be insufficient for some users.
  • You can only have one MySQL database, meaning you can only install WordPress in one of the five domains that they allow to host.
  • Limited bandwidth of 6GB, not suitable for high-traffic websites.

Our Opinions on Freehostia:

Freehostia is best suited for hosting static websites because of the low storage limit and bandwidth. 

They do offer free SSL certificates, which is a plus for website security. You can have your own email accounts for your domain for up to five addresses. But Freehostia falls short on allowing users to have full control over the server since they don’t provide FTP access.

All in all, we believe Freehostia is a solid choice for users who want to get their static website hosted on WordPress with no cost, ads and hidden charges.

7. InfinityFree

Remember Byet Host near the top of our list? InfinityFree is yet another free WordPress hosting provider from the same parent company, iFastNet.

Similar to its brother Byet Host, InfinityFree boasts speedy server performance, high server uptime, generous storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. 

They also use Softaculous to simplify WordPress installation. Few clicks and your WordPress website should be ready to be hosted live. It’s that easy with InfinityFree!

Key Features of InfinityFree:

  • No ads and hidden charges
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • CloudFlare CDN services
  • 1-Click WordPress installer
  • Up to 25 free subdomains to choose from
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Up to 400 MySQL 5.6 databases
  • Full .htaccess support
  • Free email hosting with up to 10 accounts


  • InfinityFree is suited for hosting high-traffic websites because of their unlimited bandwidth and storage services.
  • Setting up your WordPress website is quite easy because of its 1-Click installer.
  • You can have up to 10 email accounts hosted on your domain for free.
  • They offer CloudFlare CDN services to prevent spamming and DDoS attacks.
  • You can have up to 400 MySQL databases with complete access.
  • They also offer free SSL Certificates and subdomains.


  • Similar to Byet Host, you can’t host files exceeding the size of 10MB.
  • They use VistaPanel for their dashboard, which looks and feels clunky. Not the most user-friendly experience.
  • They don’t offer full DNS Management and CronJob services.

Our Opinions on InfinityFree:

Honestly, InfinityFree is no less than our top contenders in the list.

Both Byet and InfinityFree offer generous hosting WordPress hosting services for free. Unlimited bandwidth and storage, free subdomains, free SSL Certificates, CloudFlare CDN services, free email hosting – you name it, it’s there.

However, if you’re used to cPanel, the VistaPanel that they use might feel unusual. 

Other than that, we don’t have much to complain about InfinityFree. It’s suited for everyone looking to host their own WordPress website for free.

8. WPNode

WPNode offers powerful tools and features on top of free WordPress hosting.

With excellent server uptime, WPNode comes with W3 Total Cache Plugin pre-installed to optimize server performance. They give you full control over myPHPAdmin and MySQL database.

In addition, you can also host your own email for free and upload files via SFTP.

Key Features of WPNode:

  • 1GB disk storage
  • 10GB bandwidth limit
  • No limit on number of domains you can host
  • Fast speed, thanks to W3 Total Cache Plugin
  • No ads and hidden charges
  • Full control over MySQL database
  • cPanel access


  • Websites hosted on WPNode are secure and load quickly.
  • They offer free global CDN services by CloudFlare, making your website resistant to DDoS attacks and spams.
  • They give you cPanel and MySQL database access
  • The file uploads are snappy as it uses SFTP.


  • They have relatively lesser disk space of 1GB.
  • They have a 10GB bandwidth limit, not suitable for high-traffic websites.
  • They don’t offer email hosting services in their free plan.
  • No daily backup options.

Our Opinions on WPNode:

WPNode is a decent choice for free WordPress hosting because of the pre-installed tools and security services they provide.

The free plan doesn’t provide you with a 1-Click Installer script, so we think WPNode isn’t for novice users. 

Besides that, if you want a moderately content-rich website to be hosted on WordPress, WPNode is a good option more so because of the security and server optimization features they ship with.

9. AwardSpace

With over 18 years of experience in the web hosting field, AwardSpace is the pioneer of the free WordPress hosting industry although they provide a myriad of paid hosting services too.

With their own website builder and one-click installation scripts, hosting your own WordPress website is very convenient with AwardSpace.

They provide you with 1000MB disk space, 5GB bandwidth, 99% server uptime and free customer support.

Oh, and, did I tell you hosting in AwardSpace is absolutely ad-free?

Key Features of AwardSpace:

  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • 1000MB disk space
  • Free subdomains from up to 3 options
  • 100 % ad-free and banner-free
  • Full MySQL database control
  • 1-Click WordPress installer
  • Allows hosting up to 5 domains
  • Free email hosting
  • Powerful web-based file manager


  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • 1000MB disk space
  • Free subdomains from up to 3 options
  • 100 % ad-free and banner-free
  • Full MySQL database control
  • 1-Click WordPress installer
  • Allows hosting up to 5 domains
  • Free email hosting
  • Powerful web-based file manager


  • Bandwidth and storage limits might not allow you to host high-traffic websites. 
  • You can’t have all the four websites using Top-Level domain, meaning the other three websites must use a subdomain.
  • They don’t provide a free SSL certificate.
  • You won’t be getting any backup options and CronJob services.

Our Opinions on AwardSpace:

AwardSpace definitely lives up to its name. Their services are top-notch while being absolutely free.

It’s suited for people who want to host more than one website, all with expected traffic. They provide you full server and database access. And if you stumble upon an issue or two, you can always ask for technical support from them.

All in all, AwardSpace is undoubtedly a solid choice among the bunch provided your website can suffice with the storage and bandwidth options they provide.

10. Free Hosting

Last up on the list, but definitely not the least, is FreeHosting, a free WordPress hosting provider with no ads, cPanel support, unmetered bandwidth and generous disk space service.

With their own free site builder, FreeHosting makes it easy to build and host your own WordPress websites.

They allow up to 30000 daily visitors worth of traffic to a PHP-based website. If your website is purely HTML-based, they don’t limit the traffic at all.

Key Features of Free Hosting:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Generous disk space of 10GB
  • Full access to cPanel dashboard to manage your websites
  • 1-Click WordPress installer
  • Full control to MySQL database


  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space of 10GB is sufficient for moderately large websites.
  • They give you full access to the cPanel dashboard to manage your websites.
  • The 1-Click WordPress installer makes it so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of manually installing it.
  • You can easily host your own email for your domain.


  • You can only use your own domains.
  • You can’t host more than one WordPress site.
  • No DNS management, SSL Certificate and CronJob services.

Our Opinions on Free Hosting:

FreeHosting is mainly targeted for users who wish to host only one WordPress website.

With their unmetered bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, and cPanel dashboard services, FreeHosting is on par with its contenders.

When To Choose A Paid Hosting Option: Free vs. Paid Web Hosting

Free WordPress hosting comes with its own hoard of benefits. But oftentimes, the free plan can’t fulfill your website’s needs.

In cases when your website starts to get a lot of traffic, or if your website gets richer in content and requires more disk space, you will have to opt for a paid WordPress hosting option.

But before you opt for a paid WordPress hosting option, let’s briefly talk about the pros and cons of Free and Paid Web hosting options.

Free Web Hosting


  • You won’t have to pay a buck to host your own website. No strings attached. Except for a couple of ads, banners and upsell emails.
  • It allows you to test a website before launching it for your audience, since it’s free and easy to set up.
  • They provide you with a generous amount of basic features to host your website. You’ll be getting email hosting, SSL Certificate, dashboards, DNS Management, database management and file upload services in most of the cases.
  • You can learn quite a lot about hosting features before moving to a paid option.


  • They set a limit to most of the hosting services like bandwidth, disk space, number of domains you can host, number of email hosts, etc.
  • Free Hosting services can have self-promotional ads and banners. Also, if you don’t own your domain name, you’ll have to use their subdomains (if they provide).
  • Their server uptime is not guaranteed meaning you are to expect server outages time and again.
  • They lack services like automatic backups, site migration, customer support, GitHub integration, DNS Management, Access Manager, etc.


  • With a minimal cost, you’ll be getting industry-standard hosting features.
  • They provide 24/7 customer service to their users.
  • They have security protocols set up for your website such as SSL Certification and CDN services to strengthen your website’s security.
  • Most of the paid hosting providers provide free domain registration in their paid plan. 
  • You’ll be getting features like CronJobs scheduling, DNS Management, unlimited bandwidth and disk space (depending upon the paid plan), SSH Access, GitHub integration, etc.
  • Due to the removed restrictions on bandwidth and disk space, the potential for your website’s growth increases. Most of the paid options also provide SEO as well as customization tools.


  • There aren’t many drawbacks to paid web hosting other than the fact that you have to pay. Some web hosting plans can get quite expensive. Not the best option for small websites like portfolio websites because you won’t be using most of the features anyway.
  • You’ll need to have basic technical knowledge to use all the features they load you up with. It’s said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So is the case for paid web hosting services.
  • Paid web hosting may not be an option for countries where making international transactions is not possible.

If you ask us, we highly urge you to go with a paid web hosting option.

Here’s why:

Let’s have a glance at BlueHost’s pricing plans, which is our recommended choice of a premium hosting provider:

As you can clearly see, with a minimal investment, you’ll be receiving significantly large benefits.

For example: with BlueHosts’s paid plan, you’ll be getting a 50 GB SSD storage for your website. Compare that to the 300MB storage of free alternatives, and that’s a massive 166x increase in the storage space you can get! If that’s not value, we don’t know what is.

On top of that, you’ll be receiving full customer support, email accounts and more bandwidth space.

All of that with an investment of about 3 dollars a month.

As the price goes higher, the magnitude of benefits you’ll be receiving increases too. 

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which plan is suitable for you. Maybe some hosting features that paid plans provide are redundant for you. 

It’s just that paid options carry a significantly large cost-to-value ratio, and is the reason why we recommend you to opt for a paid option as soon as your website starts to grow and gain substantial traffic.

Best Paid WordPress Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks

WordPress is a resource-heavy content management system because of all the extensions and plugins that you can add.

By default WordPress already takes a decent amount of storage space and bandwidth, while also requiring a compulsory MySQL or MariaDB database.

As your WordPress-hosted website grows, a free hosting plan won’t suffice. You’ll be needing more storage space, bandwidth for handling traffic, regular backups and other features. In other words, you’ll have to go with a paid WordPress hosting provider.
Now, there are an array of paid WordPress hosting providers out there in the market. After trying most of them out and thoroughly analyzing their pricing plans, we’ve picked for you the two best paid WordPress hosting providers in the market right now: BlueHost and SiteGround.

Starting Price: $2.95 (36 months offer)Starting Price: $4.99
50GB SSD Space10GB Storage Space
Free CDN and SSL: YesFree CDN and SSL: Yes
Free Domain: YesFree Domain: No
Websites: 1Websites: 1
Caching: NoCaching: Yes
Custom Themes: YesCustom Themes: Yes


Free WordPress hosting services are exceptionally useful if you’re either a beginner or just want to test things out with hosting.

Most of the free WordPress hosting providers that we mentioned above give you a generous amount of resources to get a basic WordPress website hosted with no charge. The way they are able to provide such services is by placing self-promotional ads or banners, sending you regular upsell emails and by limiting the resources and traffic for your website.

Right when your website begins to grow, you’ll have to opt for a premium WordPress hosting provider to accommodate for your website’s growth. Paid WordPress hosting services offer you more space, bandwidth, security, email hosting, SSL certificates, CDN and so forth with just a minimal amount of investment. If you’re looking for the best paid WordPress hosting providers, we highly recommend BlueHost and SiteGround.

Lastly, it all boils down to what your website is all about. Portfolio websites? Free WordPress hosting services will do. E-commerce websites for a larger audience? Paid WordPress plan, for sure.

We hope this article was a worthwhile read. Let us know what free WordPress hosting provider you decided to go with in the comments below. 

Happy hosting!

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