Elementor Cloud Review 2024: Should I move to Cloud? 

Elementor Cloud Review

Are you tired of managing your WordPress website’s hosting and technicalities? Look no further, Elementor Cloud is for you to make your website-building experience easier and more efficient. We have come up with Elementor Cloud review to let you know more about it.

By using Elementor Cloud, you can leave behind the concerns of finding the WordPress hosting service, dealing with the website editor, and other technical tasks.

This allows you to focus on building and designing your website without having to worry about the technical aspects of hosting and managing it.

So, in order to assist you to learn more, here is the Elementor Cloud review. This review contains a detailed overview that helps you to make a decision if Elementor Cloud is good for you or not.   

1. Elementor Cloud Overview

Do you know what is Elementor and Elementor Cloud? Have you ever used it? If you are uncertain, don’t worry, this article is for you. We assure you that this Elementor Cloud review will guide and provide you with a comprehensive analysis. 

Elementor is a popular page builder for WordPress while Elementor Cloud is a complete package for starting your website. It includes WordPress, web hosting, and a page builder. 

During the live event of Elementor on 22nd February 2022, the company introduced Elementor Cloud. Before that, Elementor was only a page builder, but after the release of Elementor Cloud, it has also become a hosting provider.   

2. What is Elementor Cloud?  

Elementor Cloud is the entire package for quickly and easily building your website. It comes with web hosting, a page builder, and a WordPress setup. This is the complete solution that is needed for the website.  

You don’t need to visit a third-party hosting provider as it has its own WordPress hosting. This reduces your time as well as saves money to buy another hosting package. 

Also, with just a single payment, you can get a page builder and WordPress installation. You don’t need to pay extra money for these two services.   

It only takes a few seconds after selecting your plan, entering your domain or using their subdomain, and waiting for it to finish.

You don’t need to worry about WordPress installation. It’s already ready for you. Also, the dashboard to ready to use to access the website. You can drag and drop the content using the Elementor Pro page builder.  

For those people who want small websites hassle-free, this is the best choice. It’s the ideal solution if you don’t require a lot of resources but yet need flexible design alternatives.

Even a non-technical user can easily start a website. They don’t need to worry a lot about starting their own website with Elementor cloud.  

This makes Elementor Cloud the best alternative for non-technical users as they don’t need to worry about technical aspects like website creation, hosting, domain, etc.  

3. Features

There are a lot of features included in Elementor Cloud to ensure your website operates at its peak efficiency. We need to be aware of these features before making a decision.

1. Managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud provides support for Elementor Cloud storage, which makes Elementor cloud more secure and trustworthy.  You don’t need to think much about securing your WordPress account.

Numerous top businesses and millions of customers choose Google Cloud because it is quick, extremely secure, and highly scalable.   

2. CDN by Cloudflare 

Elementor Cloud uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) by Cloudflare that allows visitors to be immediately routed to the nearest server.  

This helps to improve your website speed and load the website quickly. It helps to improve user experience and grow site traffic. 

3. WordPress Pre-Installed with Elementor Cloud

You don’t need to worry about installing WordPress. You will immediately have WordPress installed after creating an account.

4. Elementor Pro 

Elementor Pro is a popular page builder for WordPress to create stunning pages with just drag and drop feature. You don’t need to code your pages.  

Elementor Pro license cost $99 per year but it is free with your plan. It includes professional widgets, templates, and blocks that are customizable by the user.  

5. Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates add an extra layer of security to the website by encrypting internet traffic and verifying the server’s identity.  

Elementor Cloud offers a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare, the most trusted network design for secure, reliable, and fast service.    

6. Custom Domain Connection 

You can connect your custom domain purchased from other marketplaces like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc for free within Elementor Cloud. You need to make changes to the DNS records of your domain and set it as a primary to use it.

7. Automatic daily backups

Backup plays an important role to prevent data loss and malicious attacks. With Elementor you don’t need to worry about the backup.   

You can set the automatic backup option from the setting. You can also change the setting to manual backup.   

8. Site Lock

Site Lock feature is enabled by default to prevent search engines and users from accessing it when it is still under construction. Due to this, the website’s SEO score won’t suffer negatively.

If you want the visitors to view your site, you need to provide them with a pin code to access the website.   

9. 100GB bandwidth, 100K monthly visitors, and 20GB web storage 

You’ll get 100GB of bandwidth, enough for small websites to run smoothly. Also, your site can handle 100K visitors monthly.    
20 GB of free web storage is quite enough for the small website as it doesn’t contain many images and videos to handle.  

10. 24*7 Customer Supports 

They are 24*7 available to provide consistent support to the customer. You can get their support via mail, live chat, or community support. 
You can also get a premium support team that can solve any problems that you may face while using Elementor Cloud. 

4. Plans and Pricing 

Elementor Cloud has a single set cost plan of $99 per year with no hidden charges. This plan has the biggest limitation in that it can only support 1 website with 1 account.
You can also get benefitted from their 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you aren’t satisfied with their services within 30 days, you will get your money back.    

Do you think $99 per year is quite expensive? Don’t forget this includes hosting, page builder, and the CMS. Let’s break down the pricing of all the 3 services so you can get to know whether $99 is expensive.   

You can get the Elementor pro license for $49 per year, this is only for the page builder. You still have hosting and the CMS.   

As we already mentioned, you will get 100GB of bandwidth with 20GB of web storage and 100K monthly visitors. To get this you need to spend a minimum of $150 per year for hosting and CMS. This is the minimum price cost for hosting.  

You might think of using free WordPress hosting services to host your website. But, is it good to use free hosting for your website? 

What about security, performance, and all? To get more premium features, you need to upgrade to paid hosting and spend more.   

But with Elementor Cloud, the $99 plan includes all the features and services you want. If you think from this perspective, $99 a year seems fairly affordable.   

It’s very obvious from the pricing that this solution is targeted at small businesses and personal websites like portfolios who are utilizing Elementor to create their websites and don’t wish to think about hosting or security. 

5. Getting Started with Elementor Cloud 

It is quite easy to get started with Elementor Cloud. You need to visit the Elementor website and click the get started button. 

There are usually four steps to get your site ready. Below are the steps you need to follow: 

Step 1: Get Elementor Cloud 

  1. Confirm your $99 plan 
  1. Create your account 
  1. Fill in your details 
  1. Choose a payment method and make the payment. 

Step 2: Creating your website. 

  1. Enter the name of your website 
  1. Select the website type. 
  1. Choose the template for your website. 

Step 3: Customize the website using Elementor Pro 

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard the start customizing your pages. 

Step 4: Disable site lock after your site is ready 

  1. Go to Elementor Dashboard 
  1. Hover over the site control panel and select manage this website 
  1. Toggle off the site lock setting. 

Finally, your site is ready for your visitors. Now, search engines can also discover the site and it is ready for indexing. 

6. Can anyone use Elementor Cloud? 

This is the appropriate choice for those newbies who want to create a website but lack technical skills. They don’t need to be technically savvy because Elementor cloud takes care of everything.   

This is undoubtedly a choice that you need to consider if all you want is a resistant WordPress website and you don’t care about the front-end design.  

But if you have good technical skills and want full control over the website then this is not for you. Elementor Cloud is not the greatest choice, for more experienced users who need access to things like phpMyAdmin, WP-CLI, and SSH.   

Elementor cloud is not for you if you need to manage larger websites like an e-commerce store using WooCommerce. Also, this is not for big companies that need multiple websites to be hosted.   

There are no multi-site plans available for the Elementor Cloud membership. If you need an additional website, it requires a separate subscription. You need to purchase a new subscription to begin creating another Elementor Cloud Website. 

7. How is Elementor Cloud Different from others? 

Elementor is a comprehensive solution because it bundles hosting, a content management system, and elementor pro into one package.  

Without writing a single piece of code, you can quickly and effortlessly construct a beautiful WordPress website with the help of the Elementor Pro page builder. 

It has a fixed price with no hidden charges. The majority of hosting companies have several invisible fees for SSL, CDN, domain, etc.   

It also has a simple user interface and it is easy to use. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and anyone can set up the website quickly and hassle-free. 

8. Pros and Cons of Elementor Cloud

Pros and Cons play an important role in the decision-making process. It eliminates bias and lessens subjectivity in the decision-making process. 

Consequently, this section provides a more unbiased Elementor Cloud review to help you quickly reach a decision. 


  • Easy to setup 
  • Fixed prices with no hidden cost 
  • Need no technical skills 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Hosted on the Google cloud platform 


  • Cannot install another WordPress page builder 
  • Unsupportable plugins like migration plugins. 
  • Limited storage, bandwidth, and monthly visitors 
  • Only websites created with Elementor can be migrated.  
  • Email hosting services aren’t available 

9. Is Elementor Cloud Worth it? 

Elementor Cloud, from our perspective, is economically advantageous. It also includes several features to build your website easily.   

It provides managed cloud hosting services where you get resources that are completely dedicated to your website. Also, everything is ready for you.   

As your website is hosted in a google platform, your website is secured with the same cutting-edge security techniques that Google uses to prevent its customer from spam.   

Your website will also perform better as Cloudflare delivers your content utilizing its CDN. As a result, users won’t have to wait as long for your content to load. 

10. Conclusion 

As you are here, we think that you already read the detailed review of the Elementor Cloud. So, we can say that it is the best choice for small businesses and personal websites like portfolios, blogs, etc.   

For non-technical persons who want to establish a website but are unsure about where to begin or what to do, Elementor cloud is great.

Beginners may start their websites in under a minute by visiting the Elementor Cloud website, purchasing a hosting plan, and setting it up.  

As it only has a limited amount of web storage and bandwidth, this is not suitable for large businesses or e-commerce stores. In addition, each account is limited to the hosting of one website.  

For each website, you must buy a separate subscription. Due to this, moving with this option would be costly.  

There are no hidden costs. All the features mentioned above are included in your plan, which has a fixed fee. This increases the credibility of Elementor Cloud.  

Elementor is a good value in terms of features and pricing, but you only get one website with no scope for expansion. Additionally, it provides top-level security to your WordPress website as it uses the google cloud platform to host your website.  

We hope that this Elementor cloud review helped you to make your choice. If you have any questions or want to learn more about other WordPress hosting services, you can kindly email us at [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which plugins aren’t supported by Elementor Cloud?

    There is a list of plugins you might not be able to use with Elementor Cloud. If you require larger access to whatever theme or plugin you want to use, Elementor Cloud is not the platform for you. Elementor has listed the plugins that aren’t supported. 

  • Do you get a free custom domain?

    No, you won’t get free custom domain with Elementor cloud. You need to have a domain that is registered with a third party in order to use a custom domain on your Elementor Cloud Website. At the moment, Elementor does not provide registration services.

  • Can I build multiple Elementor cloud websites using the same plan?

    No, you can only build one website using the same plan. If you want multiple websites then you need to purchase multiple new subscriptions plan. There is no cap on the number of subscriptions you can add, and each website requires its own individual subscription plan. 

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